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The greatest disability is attitude.

In modern society the word 'disability' often conjures up very negative connotations in people's minds. 9 years ago Caroline Casey recognised that without positive change the alienation, exclusion and discrimination of people with disabilities would always continue. Nobody recognised that people with disabilities could be valuable to business. She believed that if businesses could see the value of disability, society would naturally follow. It was from this belief that Caroline founded Kanchi.

Pieta House

Pieta House offers an alternative solution to people who are in crisis.

Following a personal tragedy, Joan Freeman founded Pieta House - Ireland's first centre for the prevention of self harm and suicide. They offer an alternative, therapeutic approach to suicide by providing one to one counselling.

Rediscover Fashion

Despite being a relatively easy waste stream to recycle, an estimated 93% of all textile waste in Ireland is sent to landfill, producing detrimental environmental effects. Textiles present particular problems in landfill as synthetic, man-made fibres, products will not decompose. While woollen garments do decompose, they produce methane, which contributes to global warming.

Speedpak Workplace Accreditation Model (WAM)
SPEEDPAK Workplace Accreditation Model (WAM)

Gaining qualifications through the workplace.

Lack of formal education is a key barrier to progression to the workplace for those who are long term unemployed. Leaving school without a Leaving Cert has serious implications for employability, self confidence and self esteem. Speedpak's training programme provides real commercial work experience focusing on positive work behaviours; accredited group and individual training courses; and specialist one to one support.

Suas Service Learning Programme
Suas Service Learning Programme

Recognising the issues that face our nation as we enter the 21st century, including environmental, social and economic challenges, Colman Farrell has identified the need for an emerging generation in which all play their part as creators, innovators, leaders and active citizens across all sectors: team players who can work across disciplines, backgrounds and cultures, individuals who are open to change, who have a social conscience to others, near and far, now and in the future.

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