The Arthur Guinness Fund Judging Criteria:

In determining successful applicants, the most important considerations are the following:

1. Innovation:

The project should be innovative and creative in its application (e.g. the development of an innovative approach or solution, an innovative product or service or a new application of an existing approach or technology).

2. Reach and Scale:

The social entrepreneur's project must have the potential of significant reach and scale throughout Ireland or the potential to spread beyond its initial context and to be adapted successfully to other regions (e.g. it should be possible to replicate or adapt elements of it for other communities to solve similar problems or bring about social improvement).

3. Impact:

The Social entrepreneur's project must be able to demonstrate a significant and measurable direct social impact. The applicant must be able to demonstrate not just the power of the idea but also how they plan to implement it successfully. Quantifiable results and testimonials often help to demonstrate the potential social impact of a project.

4. Sustainability

It is important that the social entrepreneur's project has the potential to become sustainable beyond the lifetime of the Arthur Guinness Fund support.