GUINNESS® Good Food Guide

Beef and GUINNESS® Pancakes with Smoked Cheddar


Serves 4

  • 1 portion of beef and GUINESS Stew
  • 1 pancake
  • Handful of good smoked cheddar cheese

Just because you've got these mouthwatering recipes doesn’t mean you need to be chained to the stove. Beef and GUINNESS® stew is even better the next day. And with little effort you can turn that left over stew into a meal fit for a king. Great for a bite on GUINNESS® Poker Nights with the lads.

Heat the beef and GUINNESS® stew until piping hot. Then spoon onto a pancake and cover with smoked cheddar cheese. Now grill until golden for a meal in minutes. Serve with potatoes or for a real treat try Mash Boxty Potato.

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